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So, what is Bludotone? BLUDOTONE is an intentionally small guitar amplifier company located in beautiful Littleton colorado. Because we are artisans of our craft, we take the extra time to hone each amplifier and tailor it to each players specific style.

When you choose a Bludotone you can rest assured that you are not getting just any old amp, you are getting an amp that was build JUST FOR YOU! We like to speak to each player, the old fashioned way-over the telephone, before building the amplifier. We ask about your style, Guitars, Choice of speakers (when applicable) and what the "tone you've been hearing in your head" is.

Each amplifier is built one-by-one, by hand, by one person start to finish, and we like to have a hands-on personal connection with the player that is getting the amp, sure this way takes longer, and we can produce fewer amps because of it, but after you get your amp we are CERTAIN that you will find that it is worth the wait!

Thanks for looking, and feel free to call or email if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or clips of your Bludotone in action!

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